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"Tentrr gives you a comfortable and stylish place to enjoy the outdoors."

Take your pick from over 1000 Tentrr campsites available across the US. Enjoy private, comfortable camping in a new and beautiful place.

Private campground in rolling green hills with Tentrr signature camping setup.

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Tentrr Signature lets you camp in style with no equipment required, while Tentrr Backcountry offers a classic camping experience if you prefer to pitch your own tent. With Tentrr Partners, we offer curated glamping sites, and State Park sites offer unique sites on state land.

Make it yours.

Your tent is your home base. Your adventure starts there. Add host extras and local experiences to make your trip one to remember.

Two people and a small white dog in a red kayak, paddling on a beautiful, secluded lake
Three people hiking through a sunlit forest

Go. Have fun.

Relax and run free. Explore and discover. Play and create. Be inspired and share. Go beyond camping and make it your own.

Brand partnerships

澳洲选五历史开奖记录 Tentrr x Pure Golden Experience

Enjoy an elevated Pure Golden Hour experience at these sites on the West Coast and the Southwest.

Tentrr x Coleman Experience

Enjoy the latest Coleman cooking and camping gear included in your stay at these sites.

Share your land
Earn extra annual income by hosting guests on your land.
Earn extra annual income by hosting guests on your land.
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